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 In Clinics Dr.Pelooperations performed exclusively by Progressive Hair Technique, Technique FUE, you can decide how many follicles will per session, 250, 500,1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 follicles, if you do it in several stages, with an interval or nobetween interventions. This flexibility is one ofthe biggest advantages of progressive capillary technique overany other technique of hair grafting.

Out patient procedure that takes advantage of a very short recovery. It runs under tumescent local anesthesia progressive and consists of two stages:

1st - Follicular Unit Extraction
2nd - Implementation of Follicular Units

Graft FUE hair - FUE Hair Transplant - FUE Technique

Where we operate

Hospital Infanta Luisa, Sevilla, is carefully chosen so that our patients are comfortable and have all the guarantees of a safe and pleasant procedure.
We have spacious operating rooms that meet all the criteria of health and all medical, optical and surgical instruments latest technology.





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